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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you reply to all e-mails and questions?
Yes. We address all  your points to the best knowledge and exprience of ours. While sometimes the number of e-mail correspondence is overwhelming, we pride ourselves with no less than a 24 hour reponse. It may happen sometimes that we will reply by the next day only. For most part, you will find a reply to your e-mail the very same day you have sent it yourself. The fastest reservation we have done was 26 minutes (From the time of first contact until completed reservation)

How can I move in?

To move in, it is great to get in touch, please tell us something about yourself and maybe a bit about what you expect. If you are in Prague, we can go see the room. If you are not, you can still reserve the room. The pictures are real and up to date.

What should I pay?

There are two options. First, you may reserve the room until it becomes available or until your move in date. The reservation usually means laying down the deposit (which the amount of a usual rent for the given room). Alternatively, you may take care of all required payment on the post by signing the contract already. In general, reservation always includes a monetary payment, as we'll immediately notify other people interested + pull all ads. Usually, it is a 3,000 commitment payment if done in person. This money will become a part of your deposit when you move in. The rest will be paid at moving in. More info can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/flatshareweb/Home/i-want-to-reserve

At signing the contract (if signed before moving in), you'll need to pay a deposit equal to one month's rent. First rent should be paid at moving in. Rent for current month is paid on the 1st of each month, but generally you can expect rent collection during the first week of the given month. 

Is there a commission?
No. There is absolutely no other payment than base rent with utilities. There is no commission, finder's fee, hidden costs, or any other required payment outside of your monthly rent payments. This has been made possible due to apartments coming from private landlords, not real estate agencies. All prices are final including utilities charge (wi-fi, water, heating, electricity and high speed internet).

Who are my flat mates.
Cool and respectful people, either studying or working (usually 19 to mid twenties). It is not a right to move in, there were people who wanted to move in but could not. Flatmates are carefully picked. You are expected to behave with a certain level of respect and cleanliness. Should there be some problems, there is usually a warning, action (for example calling cleaning service on the expense of someone continuously not doing his/her part of cleaning). And yes, it is not a problem to say goodbye to people who just can't behave (inadequate, aggressive behavior, unreasonable lack of cleanliness, you would be astounded by some stories). All apartments are by standard non-smoking, while some have balconies designated for this purpose.

How long do I sign for?
During the academic year, the minimum length of stay is 6 months. During summer, it is about 2-3 month trial period, after which you can terminate contract with a usual 30 day notice period or prolong into a regular one.

Are the apartments clean?
Yes, we visit the apartments at least 1 per month to ensure all is running smoothly. Also, there is a 24/7 landlord service at support@flatshare.cz or +420 775 089 801

Is there internet?
Yes, wi-fi internet available in all apartments. It is a high speed internet with a possibility to connect direct cable line as well. All wifi networks are password protected, which you are made aware of upon signing the contract.

What about furniture?
Yes, all rooms and apartments are fully furnished. This usually means a king sized bed, wardrobe (hanger + drawers), table, chair, lamps, (sometimes) couches, etc...It depends on the particular vacancy. None of our rooms are partially or completely unfornished. Most apartment have large living rooms as well furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs. Some apartments have even TVs and DVD players.

What about kitchen, washer, vacuum cleaner, etc?
Kitchen is fully equipped, there is an automatic washing machine and vacuum cleaner, some flats have dishwasher. Large fridge with freezer, cupboards, and for most part all apartment have also kitchen supplies as cutlery, plates, and similar. Microwaves are also provide for together with cooks/ovens.

Do I need to buy anything?
Yes, toothbrush and anything you want to sleep in/on (you will only get bed with a mattress). FLATshare.cz does not provide for beddings, sheets, pillows or blankets due to hygienic reasons.

Does my length of stay matters?
For most part we are looking for a long term tenants. Occasionaly, we offer a shor term accommodation options, primarily during Summer period between June-September

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Would you let someone into your apartment without one? Would you like to know that others also paid deposits and they will not just disappear or damage the equipment in the apartment? It is set at the amount of one month's rent payment and is laid down upon signing the contract or reservation. It is fully refundable deposit upon your moving out in exchange for clean room and keys. It is used only in case of tenant's failure to pay for rent or damage caused to the apartment property. Occasionaly to clean up the mess caused by tenants by paying for cleaning service, if necessary.

What if something in apartment doesn't work?
Yes, this happens. You can always call someone, repairs are as quick as possible. We pay for all except intention or negligence. Again, keep in mind support@flatshare.cz for reporting any troubles that you might be experiencing in your apartment.

Are there "silent hours" during the night?
Yes. By standard, these hours start from 11pm until 7am. During this time, it is prohibited to be doing loud activities at the apartment. Afterall, we all like to get a good night sleep, especially if we work all day.

I am a foreigner. I need to register with Foreign Police. Can I get confirmation of Stay?
Yes. By large, we have very international tenant body. We provide each and one of them with a confirmation of stay in the Czech language officially stamped by Notary office for either their VISA purposes or simple registering with the Czech Foreign Police for immigration bureau.