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I want to reserve!

If you wish to reserve the room, there are 3 simple steps:

1. Contact us to check availability and let us learn something about you.
2. Receive confirmation of availability, and express genuine interest in reservation upon which FLATshare.cz sends you reservation temaplte with further details
3. Pay a 3.000 CZK commitment payment if in person. This is not a fee, it will become a part of your returnable deposit when you arrive. BUT, online reservation without prior physical contact requires full deposit to be sent prior to your arrival.

How it works:
  • First of all, prior to your arrival you send us security deposit which locks the room for reservation. You are guided with this process by FLATshare.cz representative. Deposit is equal to one month's rent. It is fully refundable on the day you move out given no breach of contract (premature departure/damage to the apartment/failure to pay for rent)
  • Then, upon your arrival, you pay whatever amount is left until the end of the month. If you come on the 15th, then you pay half the rent and start paying on the 1st with the rest.
  • If you arrive on 15th, but room is empty from 1st, you will have to cover the rent from the day you wish to reserve until your arrival. This does not apply if the room is emptied right upon your arrival.